Friday, September 25, 2009

I Won!!

I had forgotten in the last post the I had won an online quilt class taught by the great Annie Smith! Kelley from was had it as a giveaway on her blog/podcast and I'm thrilled that I had won it.

The class is "Quiltmaking 101." I wouldn't actually call myself a beginning quilter, but it will be a good opportunity to fine tune my skills.

I have never officially taken a quilt class, I'm basically self-taught through trial and error. It's great knowing that my first "quilt teacher" will be Annie.

I'm looking forward to participating in this unique opportunity!

Once again,


I'm Back!

I've been absent for a while. Life has taken over.

My in-laws had come up from Florida the first week of September. They had, unexpectedly, called the night before, to tell us that they would be here the next day. I had to get the house ready for them and they visit with us for about a week.

And with school started, there was a project that needed help, tests to study for... As well as, my older son is in Cub Scouts and I am one of his leaders, so there are lessons to plan and activities to accomplish... You get the idea! Whew!

I think I've gotten things under control for the time being!

Currently, I am working on an "already completed quilt." It was a quilt I had entered into a quilt show earlier this year. It didn't win any prizes but the one suggested areas of improvement on the commment card was : Much more hand quilting needed in the borders to help the quilt hang straighter.

So, I added a vine and leaf motif in the quilting and added stippling around it. Found out later that hand-quilted stippling doesn't quite look as good as machine-quilted stippling. After working on it for a while, I thought it looked too busy and ripped it all out - about half of the quilt!

(it may be hard to see)

I'm planning to keep the vine and leaf motif, which matches the applique on the quilt. The deadline for the entry is the first of October. Then I plan on making a quilty vest to wear to the show - I know, kinda of geeky! And then there's the Halloween costumes to make. Here we go again!

Til next time, I won't wait so long,