Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Costumes Done!

I had finally finished my younger son's Halloween costume Friday morning.  His school was having their Halloween party on Friday, October 28, and I hated to know that he wouldn't be in costume because I didn't get it finished.  So I stayed up ALL NIGHT, imaging myself in an episode of Project Runway, to make sure he would have it.

And here he is...

Goku from Dragon Ball Z Kai!

Although Dragon Ball is a favorite with my two boys, I'm not that familiar with the cartoon series.  But Goku (a main hero) was who my son wanted to be.  This was the illustration that I used for the costume.  There was no pattern so I had to use an old pattern that I had used two years ago.  By altering the size a little larger, I was able to make a costume that he was happy with.

I used my applique skills to place a symbol on the back and a smaller version on the front.  Just to prove to you that I'm not familiar with Goku, I had sewn the symbol on the wrong side.  Both neither son noticed until I had shown them.

So now, I have some relief that the all the costumes are done and promise myself that I will start earlier next year.  They are already thinking of new costumes for 2012.  Until then, I can dive back into my quilting!

Jane  <3

Friday, October 28, 2011

Yummy Mummies

I had made these treat holders for our Cub Scouts recently.  They were made from Pringles canisters (the smaller version).  I wrapped them with gauze (painted the canister white prior to wrapping because the graphics were peeking out) and glue two googly eyes.  So simple!! 

Jane  <3

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pre-Halloween Success

I thought I was a good idea to give each of my son's friends their costume before Halloween.  In doing so, all three had worn them to school the last two days!  Their plan is to wear them everyday until it is officially Halloween.  I guess they like them!!

I was able to get a quick photo of them today.

Gotta get back to stitching!

Jane  <3

New Elm Creek Is Drawing Near

I had recently read that the next Elm Creek quilt book, "The Wedding Quilt," is coming out soon!  That's just one week away!

Jennifer Chiaverini posted on Facebook:

"If you are a Elm Creek reader who is curious about:
1.   Whether Sarah and Matt had 2 boys, 2 girls, or one of each,
2.   What happens to the love triangle of Summer, Jeremy, and Anna,
3.   How Bonnie and Hinano's long-distance relationship unfolds,
4.   What becomes of the Civil War landmark Union Hall in the present day and/or
5.   If the villainous Gregory Krolich (who wanted to tear down Elm Creek Manor in
      THE QUILTER'S APPRENTICE) ever get his comeuppance.
...then you'll want to pick up a hot-off-the-presses copy of THE WEDDING QUILT on November 1st!"

Isn't that enough to make you want to drop everything you're doing and start reading!!

It has been some time since I had read a book from this series, so I had been trying to do some catching up on the story line.  I've had to familiarize myself with the characters again, mainly the new ones that had been added to the quilt camp crew.

Although the new book seems to be based in modern time, the first book I picked up was "The Runaway Quilt."  I know this book is based in the past, but it is my favorite book out of the series!

I am done with my older son's costume(s), and I'm slowly progressing with the younger son's.  Since there isn't a pattern to help make his costume, it can be quite frustrating.  So I took a quick break to rest my brain.  I pulled out an old project - my Runaway Quilt, like the one that was featured in the book. 

I worked on it for a while, just enough to get myself excited for next week.  But I've got to set it aside before I get too distracted from the important job I have to do.  My baby will be so upset with me if his Halloween costume remains unfinished!

Now I've got to get back to costume making!  Hope to have some photos soon.

Jane  <3

Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Is Just Around the Corner

I have been wanting to post another entry but I'm been diligently working on...


This year, I've got to make four costumes.

My older son had an idea that involves two of his friends and here is a hint on their costumes.

My younger son has an outrageous costume idea that does not come with a pattern.  I am having to manipulate another pattern and I hope it ends up pretty close to the character he is wanting.

I'll have the boys pose for photos as soon as the costumes are done.

Jane  <3

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Documenting My Quilts

...or at least a way of helping me remember just how many UFOs I have!

All of you quilters or fiber lovers out there - there is a website you need to visit.

Just as is for knitters and crocheters, is for us who love fabric (especially quilters like me!). It is a place where we can track and share our projects with other quilters and sewers.

By taking advantage of the site, I had started to enter my quilts into my "sewing room."  Before long, I had quite a collection.  I enjoyed seeing my quilts grouped together.  As I continued gathering my list, I noticed that there were more unfinished quilts than finished quilts.  And the unfinished group kept growing larger and larger!  And I still had the UFOs in boxes in the garage that were unaccounted for.

This was a wake-up call.  I knew I had a lot of unfinished quilts but I didn't know it was to this extent. 

Along with the quilts in my "sewing room," I am going to start a new blog to help document my quilts.  It will be a companion blog that will connected to this blog.

I need something to show me exactly how many unfinished projects I have.  By seeing the huge number of unfinished quilts, I hope it inhibits me to start any new projects.  And as I finish a quilt, I will be able to add it to the "finished" list. 

Yet, I may be too embarrassed to share my gloom.  I may have to keep it private, just for my eyes only.  Only time will tell.

I am currently constructing the blog and I hope to be able to share with it with you soon.

Jane   <3

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I Can't Add to My UFO Dilemna

I am the first one to admit that I DO NOT need to start any more new quilts.  But there is a great surge of excitement when I start a new quilt!  I think it's similar to a drug, consuming my every thought.  The search for the fabrics is spell bounding.  The tedious chore of cutting out the pieces is enjoyable.  Piecing them together is gratifying because you know the quilt is on it's way to being completed. 

But somewhere along this journey, I get disinterested.  I get tired of looking and working on the same project.  That when a new idea creeps into my head and I HAVE to start another quilt!

I think that where my UFO problem started.  I have no self control.  And now I am having to hold back on all new quilt ideas until I can get this pile down to a controllable level.

An idea that I'm having to hold back on is optical illusion quilts.  I would love to find out if the illusion will translate the same way on a larger scale. 

My quilt, False Impression, was started when I helped my son with a Cub Scout project. 

The illusion is that the center square is the largest square and the others gradually get smaller out toward the edge.

I am not quite satisfied with the result of the illusion.  I think if I hadn't placed the smaller squares so close to the seam, it may have worked out better.  But I'm not going to redo or make another one anytime soon.

And I have more ideas to try.

Another optical illusion I'd like to try is another black and white quilt. 

You may have to click the image above so
that illusion will work on a larger size

You need to stare at a white circle on the quilt and, in your peripheral vision, the surrounding circles will have a black dot in the center on them.

Another idea is more complicated illusion, from the book "Op-Art Quilts" by Marilyn Doheny.


I'm not quite finished designing this one.  I am trying to make it look like an undulating nine patch quilt.  I think that I may putting too much into it.  Less may be more in this example.  It 's not working the way I am wanting it to.

These are just a couple of ideas that I am stashing away in my idea file.  I hope to be able to experiment with these to see if they actually work one day!!

Jane  <3

Friday, October 7, 2011

My gift from Gail Pan

My giveaway prize from Gail Pan arrived today!  They are so adorable.  They're small and compact.  The packaging size is even cute!

They are both perfect projects that I can take with me on the go.  Something different from quilting, when I need that break from it.

I wish her patterns were readily available here in my area.  I wouldn't be able to resist purchasing all her patterns.

I'm looking forward to searching for the perfect fabrics and getting started!  Thank you Gail!!

Jane  <3

Thursday, October 6, 2011

So Sorry for Delay

I was wanting to post another entry a lot sooner than this.  I had started a new medication and it is draining all my energy - leaving me with no motivation to get anything done.  It's hard to pick up some quilting when all I want to lay down. 

But I've been using the meds for a while now and I am becoming comfortable with the fatigue.  I just had adjust my daily routine - having to keep busy, start drinking coffee again, use exercise bike earlier in the day (well, maybe not)...

I have finally put the borders on my Henrietta Whiskers quilt.  I think it finished off really cute.  I still have to place some crow and star appliques to the borders and then I can call it a completed quilt-top.

In my exhaustion, I had made a few mistakes when I was putting it together.

I had cut the top and bottom rows a little too short...

I had to match the lines to help make it look seamless (I hope it worked).

I had done the same thing to the side borders...

I matched the print so it will look like it's one piece from a distance.

I'll have to remember: NO cutting when I'm tired!

While I was being lazy this last week, I did come up with some more ideas for future posts.  So I can only hope, more posts coming soon!

Jane  <3