Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Costumes Done!

I had finally finished my younger son's Halloween costume Friday morning.  His school was having their Halloween party on Friday, October 28, and I hated to know that he wouldn't be in costume because I didn't get it finished.  So I stayed up ALL NIGHT, imaging myself in an episode of Project Runway, to make sure he would have it.

And here he is...

Goku from Dragon Ball Z Kai!

Although Dragon Ball is a favorite with my two boys, I'm not that familiar with the cartoon series.  But Goku (a main hero) was who my son wanted to be.  This was the illustration that I used for the costume.  There was no pattern so I had to use an old pattern that I had used two years ago.  By altering the size a little larger, I was able to make a costume that he was happy with.

I used my applique skills to place a symbol on the back and a smaller version on the front.  Just to prove to you that I'm not familiar with Goku, I had sewn the symbol on the wrong side.  Both neither son noticed until I had shown them.

So now, I have some relief that the all the costumes are done and promise myself that I will start earlier next year.  They are already thinking of new costumes for 2012.  Until then, I can dive back into my quilting!

Jane  <3


  1. If there's a classic anime icon which would never fade even for 2012 Halloween costumes, it has to be Goku of the Dragon Ball series.

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