Monday, November 7, 2011

Excitement with Elm Creek

Now that the Halloween costumes are past me, I have the opportunity to work on my Runaway quilt.  With Elm Creek's next book now out, it has inspired me to finish the quilt-top from one of my favorite Elm Creek books, The Lost Quilter

Excerpt from The Lost Quilter: One night she finished her Birds in the Air quilt--large triangles and small, each pointing north to freedom.  In whispers after the other slaves had fallen asleep, Joanna traced the quilted images with her fingertip and told Hannah their secret meanings...

And I have been thinking of making Sarah's first quilt that she had made, with Sylvia's instruction, from The Quilter's Apprentice.  But I promised myself that I CANNOT start anymore new quilts, so it will be placed in my "to be made later" stack, which is getting bigger and bigger!

The Runaway quilt is piecing together fairly quickly.  I've overcome the hurdle of making the points of the triangles near perfect.  Soon, I'll have to chose a border fabric that will fit with civil war era prints. 

But once this quilt-top is finished, what to work on next?  Hmmm...

Jane  <3

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Charity Project

Yesterday, I participated in a charity project at our local library.  Me and five other lovely ladies, including our wonderful library director, helped make chemotherapy caps.

We had made a total of 60 caps which will be delivered to cancer patients at the local hospital.  I was able to make 11 in the time that we had allotted.  Here are some photos with examples:

I had enjoyed this experience very much, to sew items that will help other people.  I had met some new people and I was surprised to find out that some that I did all ready knew, also knew how to so.  I was under the impression that a very few people knew how to sew or use a sewing machine. 

I'm looking forward to the next "Sew-In."

Jane  <3