Thursday, July 12, 2012

Call Me Pinhead

And no, I'm not referring to the character from the Hellraiser movie series.

I was wondering how I was going through my pins so fast.  I always have several big piles of pins (I use magnetic pin caddies) but yet, I really could use a new package of pin right about now.

But I should have known.  I use them for everything!

I use my pins to hold the fabric so that they don't 
shuffle under the presser foot.  I'm a 
stickler for precise seams.

And, of course, I use my pins to hold 
my applique in place.

And I also use pins to hold my seams in place 
once the block or quilt-top 
is completed.

Once the quilt-top is folded to be put away, the pins keep the seams from flopping over to the other direction.

I have a bad habit of setting projects aside and not getting back to them for a longgggg time.  Usually because I'm starting another new project.  This is what I refer to as my "Quilt ADHD."  This disorder is at fault for my large UFO pile.

But I also use my pins to mark the rows and columns for my quilt block placement.  Take for instance my Sunflower quilt.  It consists of thirteen pieced blocks and twelve appliqued.  It was hard to remember where each block belonged.

By strategically placing the pins (pinned onto a small square piece of paper so that it will be easily visible), vertical for rows and horizontal for columns, I know exactly where each block belongs.

For example:  
     One pin across means top row.  
     Two pins down means second column.

A more complicated example:
     Four pins across means four rows down.
     Three pins down means third column.

I've used this method in several quilts.  It is very helpful when I put out a quilt that I may not have seen for a couple of years and know exactly the order the quilts blocks are to be placed. find some order to tackle my UFO pile!!

Jane  <3