Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas greetings

Ho Ho Hoping everyone is having a jolly Christmas!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happiest Time of the Year

Just two more days until Christmas. I'm feeling the holiday preparations almost done, but there always seem to be one more. I finally got the final gift purchased (I hope it's the last) and now to wrap them all. The kids will help bake cookies for Santa tomorrow.

I'm wiped out. For me, this time of year is such a frenzy (but I know that it's like that for everyone!). Just had two birthdays and I am anxiously awaiting the priceless expressions on the Christmas faces! I'll know then that it was all worth it.

I had just finished making some Christmas gifts today (cutting it pretty close, I know).

I had made some easy candy jars for the kids' teachers, one for the hairdresser... you get the idea. They were so simple to make and the turned out pretty cute. I had gotten this idea when I was browsing other blogs a few months ago (so sorry, I couldn't locate the blog name). It's made from a coffee drink bottle, some Christmas themed fabric, ribbon, and card stock.

I had made these lil' Scrabble pillows, too. These turned out so adorable, they turned out to be pretty addicting. I had made them to spell out the names of the recipients. The pillows are only 8 inches square or they would have be wrapped up in a huge box otherwise. I would like to make some more of these for my future Etsy shop. Perhaps I would make them in several sizes.

I'm finding myself taking a short break tonight before I'll start on the Christmas yummies tomorrow.

I wish everyone happy holidays and a whole year filled with joy!!


Friday, December 3, 2010

Gonna Get Quilting

Been busy lately. At this time of the year, I've got the Christmas to-do lists, like everyone else. But in addition, I have two birthdays to take care of. Yes, both of my babies were early Christmas gifts. : ) I feel like I've been running around with my head cut off - lots to do that doesn't seem to involve quilting.

While I was doing some Christmas/birthday shopping the other day, I stopped by one of the quilt shops. They had started selling quilting machines. They had mentioned that they were planning to let their customers rent time on a machine to work on their own quilts. My dream come true!!

I hate to admit it, but I am not enjoying the quilting process on my sewing machine. I know that it can be done, maybe I just don't have to patience.

One of the associates at the quilt shop gave me a peek at the machine and a quick demonstration. I was in awe!! The machine moved so smoothly over the quilt, she was able to move it with just a few fingers. The stitches were perfectly even with its stitch regulator. And the hum of the machine was so relaxing.

I wanted to start right away, but the classes won't be starting until the first of the year. I hope it's enough incentive to finish those quilt tops, that are almost finished, so I can get it on one of those machines. Although I love to hand-quilt, it just takes me too long to finish a quilt.

January can't come soon enough!!