Friday, December 3, 2010

Gonna Get Quilting

Been busy lately. At this time of the year, I've got the Christmas to-do lists, like everyone else. But in addition, I have two birthdays to take care of. Yes, both of my babies were early Christmas gifts. : ) I feel like I've been running around with my head cut off - lots to do that doesn't seem to involve quilting.

While I was doing some Christmas/birthday shopping the other day, I stopped by one of the quilt shops. They had started selling quilting machines. They had mentioned that they were planning to let their customers rent time on a machine to work on their own quilts. My dream come true!!

I hate to admit it, but I am not enjoying the quilting process on my sewing machine. I know that it can be done, maybe I just don't have to patience.

One of the associates at the quilt shop gave me a peek at the machine and a quick demonstration. I was in awe!! The machine moved so smoothly over the quilt, she was able to move it with just a few fingers. The stitches were perfectly even with its stitch regulator. And the hum of the machine was so relaxing.

I wanted to start right away, but the classes won't be starting until the first of the year. I hope it's enough incentive to finish those quilt tops, that are almost finished, so I can get it on one of those machines. Although I love to hand-quilt, it just takes me too long to finish a quilt.

January can't come soon enough!!



  1. When you get your first project done on the quilt machine please post photos! You will enjoy the ease of quilting that way vs a domestic machine. :))

  2. You will be unstoppable once January is over!