Monday, December 31, 2012

Snowed In

It is the end of December.  It will be the new year soon and I can't believe how fast 2012 had flown by.  And to top the year off, my part of the country was hit by a huge winter storm.  It didn't arrive until the day after Christmas.  We had received about 7 inches of snow and about 4 more inches two days later. Now, it is New Years Eve, the last day of 2012, and we are expecting another 1 to 2 more inches tonight! You could say that I've been snowed in for about a week.

Since I've got all this time, I thought I would be a good opportunity to update all the going-ons around here.  I've got a big adventure underway for the new year, which is the reason for my MIA this month.  With my time being occupied with the preparations of my new adventure, I had started a few posts but never been able to finish them.

Here is the first of about a handful of them: 

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With my boys' basketball schedules, I've been taking my project bag along with me.   That way I have something to do while sitting in during practices or waiting in the parking lot for the boys to be released.  I feel I would be wasting my minutes if I don't have something keeping my hands busy.  I can still watch my son's amazing skills while hand-stitching a few quilt blocks, can't I?
I had an idea to make a few zippered pouches to carry different items in my project bag; one for my scissors, thread, pins, another for the fabric pieces...  I had the jovial notion to make them coordinate with the bag I was using (which I haven't finished yet, but hope to have photos soon).
So I made the trip to the quilt shop.  To explain my reason for wanting to make the pouches, I had brought along a few some projects I had made while at those practices.  I admit, I was wanting to show them off to the shop owner, and to my surprise, she loved them and showed them off to the small class that was taking place there that day.
One of the ladies in the class wanted me to make five of the pincushions and...

 five of my sewing needle-cushions. She was wanting to give them as Christmas gifts for her teen daughters and her mother.

I was so thrilled that they so fond of my work!  And made a little bit of Christmas shopping money for myself as well!
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I had better get this published before the new year arrives. 
I wish everyone the best in 2013 and I'm looking forward to what the new year will bring my way!
We will meet again in 2013!