Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy First Day of Spring!

Today, it is officially the first day of Spring.  It's my favorite season!  I have been enjoying the warm 70-80 degree temps for a while now.  So in my opinion, it has started about three weeks ago.  But based on the calendar, Spring is here!!

This last Saturday was National Quilting Day.  Unfortunately, I was unable to do any quilting.  My younger son had his Blue and Gold Banquet for Cub Scouts.  He has now successfully advanced to his next year as a Wolf Scout!  And then the day after, his was sick with a fever.  I was able to do a  little quilting while I was watching over him.

Tiger's display table

centerpieces I had made

He was home from school for a day, so I had spent that day working on my hexagon pieces.  Luckily, he was able to overcome from his illness on his own, without the aid of antibiotics, and he is at school today.  So I spent my "day of quilting" a little late, but I got it in!!

I'm planning on spending the rest of my day making more hexagons.  Maybe I'll take them outside with me and stitch in the fresh Spring air!  But once the boys get home, there's homework to do and a Science project that I've got to get my older son to get motivated on!

Have to go for now, hexagons are awaiting!

Jane  <3

Monday, March 12, 2012

March is National Quilting Month?

I realize that March is National Quilting Month yet it's ironic that I'm not doing much quilting this month!

March has me busy with Blue and Gold Banquet decorations.  I'm still keeping with the camping theme.

The little tents will be placed on the tables with some having the familys' names on them.  I'm planning on placing a photograph of the scouts' face sticking out of the opening of the larger tents.

Once that is over, I'm needing to help out my older son with his science project.

And the add to the to-do list, he is also wanting me to read the Hunger Games trilogy before the movie comes out at the movie theater.  For some reason, he's wanting me to know the WHOLE  story before we watch it on the big screen.  That only gives me two weeks to finish book #3!

Hoping to get a lot of work done in hopes to work on my hexagons before the month is gone!

Jane  <3

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Non-Quilty Project

I haven't had much time for quilting.  I try to squeeze a little when I can, but I've been able to do very little.  And the reason why? - Cub Scouts Blue & Gold Banquet!

The purpose of the Blue and Gold Banquet is to celebrate our Cub Scout pack's anniversary, to thank pack leaders and other adults who have helped the pack, and to inspire the leaders, Scouts and parents.  Simply put : we're celebrating Cub Scout's birthday!

Our pack tries to make it a special event by inviting friends and relatives to attend.  Our scouts will also receive their advancement badges and awards at this time.

It being our den leader's first year in Cub Scouts, and I had five years with my older son, I asked if I could start on the decorations.  Our boys are to help make table decorations and I will be assembling, what I call our "show-off" table.

I thought a camping theme would work good with our scout decorations.

I have made a poster that will be used as a backdrop for our "show-off" table.

This was my progression:

I have other items to work on.  I'll be meeting up with the den leader and we will be working together on some projects.  Our boys will also help out with some painting.

Like I said... busy, busy, busy!

Jane  <3