Monday, November 26, 2012

Owl Update

My son had presented his baby owls at school last Wednesday.  The three owls had turned to five.  One for me and him, Ms. Secretary with the additions for Ms. Teacher and Mr. Principal.  I had to put a stop to it when he wanted one for the sixth grade teacher also.  I had to tell him that we would have to give her one once he was in her class.

And I added three more owls to my new owl family.

I have seen a photo in a magazine recently, but I haven't been able to locate it again.  I had to create these three from what I could remember.  I couldn't resist the "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" theme.

I'm still thinking of more "owl" themed items I could make, but I'm getting off course.  I need to stay on path and get some of my own projects done.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Another Saturday Morning Sew-in

We had another Saturday Morning Sew-in this weekend.   In my own way, I participated using any excuse to do some sewing.

Lately, I have been finding owl projects so interesting.  I've been wanting to make an owl pillow or an owl plush softie for an while now.  So I thought a small owl pincushion would be a perfect project for the sew-in.

I had made the first one and had to show it to my son.  Since his school's mascot is the Mighty Owl, he asked if I would make one for his school's secretary.  I agreed, but then he batted his eyes at me and said "Can you make one for me too?"

So now we have three baby owls- one for Ms. Secretary, one for my son, and one for me!

They are so cute, I decided to make more for myself.  I'm using different fabrics and I'm trying to locate something I could use as a nest for them.  The new baby owls will have a little something different with them.

As soon as I'm done, I'll post photos.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Prolonged Sew-in

I'm a little late in posting about... or you can say I couldn't stop... a Saturday Morning Sew-in from last weekend.  This last Saturday, Brye from Sew~Stitch~Create ( hosted a dedicated time to be at our machines.  Although I'm not active with Twitter, I still wanted to be a part of it.

Then, low and behold, we got news that my older son's basketball team was to participate in a tournament that same Saturday morning.  Although my sew-in time at my machine was nix, I could still take something with me to sew at the basketball games.

We started early-early in the morning and endured the one hour drive.  Our team had played very well, which led us to the championship game.  The game would be played in the evening, so we were there all day.  I had a lot accomplished with my hand sewing on my Kaleidoscope quilt. 

But I couldn't stop.  As of yesterday, I had continued with my own personal sew-in.  I had finished the tedious clean-up work at the game Saturday but I had added the border and edge-work.  I thought I'm going to need to see if my ideas will work, might as well try it out.


I think I'll use (try to envision) black as the binding...

Or should I applique the scalloped border to a black background?

What do you think?


At the long day of basketball, one of my son's teammate's little sister was there also, with their family.  I had caught her attention with my sewing and soon she was helping me out.  She was snipping the thread at the of its knot, and she seemed to the interested when I was explaining what I was trying to do with my quilt.
So, to help her keep her busy during those long basketball games that her older brother has to play, I thought I would make her a little bag and fill it up with some sewing things.  Hopefully, she and I will be sewing away together.