Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Quilt Top Finished

 During our busy weekend, I was still able to finish a quilt top. 

I'm not sure just how happy I am with it.  In my opinion, it didn't quite duplicate the drawing that I had made for it.

I haven't forgotten about the scalloped border.  Not sure what color the binding should be- match the pink in the border or white, blue, green...?

I'm not going to be able to quilt it for awhile.  So by that time, I hope that I'll see it differently.

So what to work on next?  I have so many UFO's that it isn't a problem in finding a project.  I think I'll look for some more quilts that still need their borders attached.  And hopefully some quick finishes!

Jane   <3

Monday, August 29, 2011

Busy Weekend

I knew this was going to happen as soon as school started.  I thought I was busy with one child with extra curricular activities.  Now I have two boys who will be playing basketball this year (older son has already started) and the younger one will start his first year of Cub Scouts.  I was lucky last year because they both were in the same school so I was able to attend school functions for both of them at the same time (holiday parties, Christmas program, book sale...).  Now the older son is in middle school so I am having to juggle my time and try not prioritize one event over another.

And it happened this last weekend.  One son had basketball and the other had Cub Scouts.

Speaking of Cub Scouts, my younger son had his first Cub Scout event.  He raced in the Raingutter Regatta!  More info at the bottom of this post.

Despite the running around we did, I was able to work on some of my quilts.

I had finished piecing the last sashing strip.  Wheww!  So glad that's done!

I should have been more careful when I was sewing it to the blocks.  So anxious to get the top together, I should have taken the seam intersections (am I using the right terms?) slower so that I'd sure that the points came out perfect.

Example: these points don't even meet.

I still have the boarders to applique, but I think I'll set it aside for a little while so I don't get too burnt out on it.


Back to my baby's Raingutter Regatta.

The Raingutter Regatta is a racing event that is sailboat equivalent to the Cub Scout's Pinewood Derby.  A sailboat kit is required and the Scout with his parent are to assemble, paint, and decorate their boat as they choose.

Then, the boats are raced in a standard raingutter that is 10 feet long, placed on saw horses, and filled to the top with water.  The boats are propelled by blowing into the sail.  The boat cannot be touch by the hands.The first boat to reach the end of the gutter is the winner.

He said that he wanted a Darth Vader boat.  So we found some scrap booking paper with Darth Vader and fussy cut it to fit the sail.  He had painted it black (and he didn't make too much of a mess) and I sealed it with a high gloss clear coat.

And what a great outcome from his very first event as a Tiger Scout.  Something for him to proudly remember and to help keep his excitement for Scouting!


I've finished another top this weekend.  It is my Spring Bloomers quilt made with one of Susan Branch's fabric line.

I'll post those photos tomorrow...I promise!

Jane   <3

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Time Out from Sashing Work

 I have been diligently trying to finish the last sashing strip for my Reminiscence quilt.  But it seems such grueling work when I'm this close to being finished with the top.  I've had to set it aside for a short while.

I had recently looked over my Sunflower Sampler quilt.  I still love the applique sunflowers I had put on it, but I still feel that something is missing (besides the borders)...?

upper illustration: quilt as it is currently
lower illustration: added more sunflowers

I had drawn up the quilt on my computer so I could experiment when the layout once again. Will adding more sunflower solve the problem but it that TOO MUCH!? 

This what I ended up with.  Borders and binding included.  I'll let it stew a while since I have to go back and finish with that sashing.  Can't you tell that I ready to move on?

Please leave a comment or some suggestions on what else I may try!!

Jane  <3

Friday, August 19, 2011

Reminiscence - Finally Did It

Twelve block all appliqued.  I was at a point one time when I thought I would never be able the finish all of the blocks.  It took me longer than I wanted, I'm happy that they are all done!!

 Block One

 Block Two

 Block Three

 Block Four

 Block Five

 Block Six

Block Seven

Block Eight

Block Nine

Block Ten

Block Eleven

Block Twelve

I had laid it all out on the floor to have a peek of how it would look like once the body is pieced together.

And a drum roll please...

And I then realized that I was missing a sashing strip that was going between the third and fourth rows!  Aughhhh! 

I thought I had planned, cut, and precisely counted all the pieces for each nine-patch.  Obviously, I had done something wrong!  : (  I've come this far and the last thing I want to be doing is to piece more sashing.  It feels as if I'm having to start over again!!

A sneak peek before more sashing

I'm hoping that the piecing for the last of the sashing will go real quick.  I'm wanting to get all the blocks together so that I may work on my Sunflower quilt.

Jane  <3

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Good Morning Hello

Every morning, I take my boys to school.  But this morning, I had a bit of a surprise in my little garden. 

The sunflowers I had planted are now about 5 feet tall.  Two of them had finally opened up and was showing their bright faces.

It reminded me of a sampler quilt I had been working on a while ago.

It got me thinking about how I want to finish this quilt.  I'd like to add some more appliqued sunflowers around the outside on the border.

But I need to get going on the Reminiscence quilt.  I've got all the blocks finished now and need to combine them with the pieced sashing.  I'm anxious in seeing how it comes together, so photos will be up soon!

Jane  <3

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Squirrels Are Together

I've watched a movie that was broadcasted on the Nickelodeon Channel named "Fred: the Movie"  with my boys.  In the movie, Fred is searching for a Pomeranian dog, which he has mistaken for a squirrel.  I don't know why, but everytime I work on this quilt, I can't help to yell out "squirrel!!"

I had pieced the first two rows together.

Now I've got a better idea of how it will look together.  And I still like it!!

The last row together, just missing the last block (September).

Now I have to get back to the Reminiscence quilt.  I've got all the appliqued pieces pinned in place and all I need to do is just sew them to the backing.  The end is almost in sight!!  Still have the applique borders ahead of me, but I may have to save that for a later time.

Jane  <3

Friday, August 12, 2011

Another Block Done!

The latest block from the Henrietta Whiskers BOM was posted on the fifth of this month.  I, on the other hand, got it early because I was wandering around on the internet very early, early in the morning (it was actually the fifth by then)!

This is Block Eight for the month of August. 

Block Eight

Just one more month to go and the borders will be next.

A quick recap of the previous blocks:

Block One from January

Block Two from February

Block Three from March

Block Four from April

Block Five from May

Block Six from June

Block Seven from July

I'm planning to piece the first two rows together tonight and will try to post them tomorrow!

Jane  <3

An Unwanted Break

I felt as if I was making great strides in my applique projects... then I got a visit... from the in-laws!

No, it's not a bad thing!!  They live in Florida and they don't get to come up here to southern Indiana very often.  My boys love their grandparents and we tried to devote as much time with them since they were only here for a few days.  Which meant that my applique was put on hold for a few days.

But my mother-in-law made up for it.  She had purchased a Heartwood Creek figurine for me.  She had picked out on her own.  She said that she had to get it for me when she saw the angel holding a quilt block.

She knows me well! 

I will continue to work on my applique pieces. The boys are back to school now, and I am looking forward to the piece (peace) and quiet during the day to sew and quilt!

Jane  <3

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Getting More Done

I had gotten two more of the Henrietta Whiskers blocks finished.  Just in time.  I have two more days until Anne Sutton will be out with the next block!

 Block Six

 Block Seven

Oops!  I realized, after I had taken the photo, that I forgot to stitch the crows feet.

Crow's feet

Blocks One through Six laid out together.  Once I get the tiny red buttons and some more embroidery thread, I should be able to sew each row together.

I'm anxious in getting the Reminiscence quilt finished up.  I'm losing my quilting mojo with it.  I'm hoping that I won't set it aside to start on another UFO before all of its blocks are finished.

Jane  <3

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I had finally found the tiny red buttons!  It wasn't at a physical brick-and-mortar store, but at an on-line location.  Hopefully, I had ordered enough for some future blocks (if Anne decides to more necklaces).

After looking over my blocks, I had noticed that the sign at the top of Block Three had some shadowing on it (being able to see the darker fabric through the lighter fabric). 


Ughhhh!  I've got to rip out the embroidery, place another layer of fabric between the background and facing fabrics, and re-embroider it again!!


But it does look a lot better once it's done!  Don't you agree?!

Jane <3

Monday, August 1, 2011

Bunny Hill Crazy

I have also been working on my BOM project Henrietta Whiskers.  Isn't she cute!!

Block Six

I'm still working on Block Seven and Block Eight will be available on the 5th of August.  I am hoping to have those two blocks up for viewing very soon.

On the other blocks?... Still have some issues to work out with those.  Particularly the small 1/8" red buttons that I'm suppose to use for the birds' necklaces. I haven't found them yet.  I know I had seen them somewhere but that could have been years ago.

I'm getting anxous to getting more projects into the "sandwich" phase so that I may go on to the next UFO!!