Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Quilt Top Finished

 During our busy weekend, I was still able to finish a quilt top. 

I'm not sure just how happy I am with it.  In my opinion, it didn't quite duplicate the drawing that I had made for it.

I haven't forgotten about the scalloped border.  Not sure what color the binding should be- match the pink in the border or white, blue, green...?

I'm not going to be able to quilt it for awhile.  So by that time, I hope that I'll see it differently.

So what to work on next?  I have so many UFO's that it isn't a problem in finding a project.  I think I'll look for some more quilts that still need their borders attached.  And hopefully some quick finishes!

Jane   <3


  1. I like the way the quilt turned out! If you decide you hate it, feel freento send it to me.

  2. Stupid iPad key screen that makes me hit the n instead of the space bar.

  3. I think I'd use pink binding so it doesn't take away from the quilt. I recognize the border, it's Susan Branch fabric. I used some of that in my log cabin quilt. It's a lovely quilt and you did well!