Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Time Out from Sashing Work

 I have been diligently trying to finish the last sashing strip for my Reminiscence quilt.  But it seems such grueling work when I'm this close to being finished with the top.  I've had to set it aside for a short while.

I had recently looked over my Sunflower Sampler quilt.  I still love the applique sunflowers I had put on it, but I still feel that something is missing (besides the borders)...?

upper illustration: quilt as it is currently
lower illustration: added more sunflowers

I had drawn up the quilt on my computer so I could experiment when the layout once again. Will adding more sunflower solve the problem but it that TOO MUCH!? 

This what I ended up with.  Borders and binding included.  I'll let it stew a while since I have to go back and finish with that sashing.  Can't you tell that I ready to move on?

Please leave a comment or some suggestions on what else I may try!!

Jane  <3


  1. I actually really like the sunflower accents! Not COMPLETELY sold on the corner border accents, but due like the additions within the pattern :-)

  2. That is amazing! So gorgeous! :)

  3. your quilts are just so amazing! they are breathtaking. Your mil's house is so fantastic. It must be a lovely place to visit. It would be a lovely quilt retreat.