Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ta Da!! Finally A Row Completed

I do love applique!  And I've found myself doing quite a bit of it lately.

Do you remember this quilt? 

I have finally completed the first three blocks.

Block One

Block Two

Block Three

The first row pieced together.  I love how the blocks work with the pieced sashing!  It gives the illusion that it was a lot of work, but it was quite simple.

Some close-ups:

I have more blocks ready for applique, ready to take with me whereever I need to go.  But what next?!

I've been eyeing my Baltimore Halloween BOM quilt that I had gotten about a year ago.

And I have yet to start on it - I'll just take it out from time to time and "uhh" and "ahh" over it!  But I might give it a try.  I have found a tutorial for appliquing using Elmer's glue sticks.  I think it will work with the small applique pieces that is used in this quilt.

And now... off to more applique!! : )


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Some More Applique!

Summer seems to be the time of year that I do my applique.  It is great to take it along with me whenever there is a baseball game or practice.  But I usually take it with me when I sit at the back porch.

Here lately, I've been working on Henrietta Whiskers

Block One - Finished

Block Two - I am planning on changing the color of the star at the top right.  The floss I had gotten for the purple star, on the left, doesn't quite match, so I'll has to try another color.  There will also be a necklace of teeny red buttons around the bird's neck.

Block Three - A button still needs to be placed on the scarf that is on the squirrel's neck and there's another issue of the purple on the acorns.

Block Four - A necklace of teeny red buttons still needs to be added for the bottom bird.

Block Five - Another issue with the purple on the acorn.

Block Six were just introduced alittle over a week ago and I am also working on that one.  Hopefully, I'll have it to a point to show soon.  Once the blocks are entirely completed, I'll be piecing them together into rows.  I'll have two rows completed!!

I've been also working on the applique blocks from my Reminiscence quilt.  I'm about done with the first row and I'm curious on how good it will look with the pieced sashing I had just finished.

I feel pretty good for myself.  I feel as if I gotten a lot accomplished so far with the applique.  Just have to keep at it and finish all the blocks without being distracted by another new quilt!!  I know that will be difficult!


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Quilt Show

I was at a quilt show yesterday!  It was organized by one of my favorite quilt shops, Quilts 'n Bloom.  She usually has an outdoor show, but this year it was indoors.  I was especially glad because it was excruciatingly hot and humid.  She also had quilter and the designer of Kansas Troubles fabrics, Lynn Hagmeier there for a lecture and a trunk show.  I would have loved to be able to attend the lecture but my son had a baseball game at the same time.  The things us mommies do for our babies!  ; )

I did enjoy seeing the quilts in the show:

An UFO that I'm working on, Dear Jane.  I loved the way it looked, done in the original color-way.  I think I may have to complete about ten more blocks of mine.

This quilt's colors stopped me in my tracks.  I just love the tan border.  And once I got a closer look at it, I could see that it was hand-quilted!

This quilt looked as if it was in 3D.  At least to me it did.  The stars and the 16-patches seemed to come out in front of the background.  Hmmmm...I think I'm getting an idea for another quilt!

This another quilt from the same quilter as the above quilt.  I just loved the machine-quilting.  A pretty simple quilt pattern but it's quilting put it over the top.

Another quilt pattern like the above quilt.

This quilt has a chenille border.  I couldn't tell if the border fabric was a pre-made chenille, probably was, but I loved the effect it created in the quilt.

I loved the redwork on this tablerunner.  This quilter also made the Dear Jane quilt.

I have a blogger friend who had also made this quilt.  I'm hoping to made one for myself one day.

This quilt was so adorable.  It reminds me of Bunny Hill's pattern called Rabbits Prefer Chocolate.  And we know how much I love Bunny Hill!!

And, of course, I had one of mine there!

I was hoping to have another available but quilting with the long-arm machine is going to take a little longer than I thought it would.  I'm hoping to have some new quilts to bring for the next quilt show.

I had noticed that my husband was a lot more observant of the quilts that were exhibited.  He could tell the differences between hand and machine-quilting.  And he was very proud of mine because he knew that I had made mine from start to finish!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Diving Into Applique

I'm feeling pretty good today!  I would love to be able to sit outside and do a little sewing today, but the temperatures here in southern Indiana have turned morbidly hot.  It is as if someone had flipped the switch on for August.  It has practically skipped over my favorite parts of Spring.  I am not looking forward to the watching to my boys' baseball games in the humid 90 degree  heat.  I'm hoping soon it will pass and be back to the 70-80 degrees that are normal for this time of year.

If I was able to stand the heat outside on my back porch, I'd be working on Henrietta Whiskers BOM for Bunny Hill Designs.

Block One - finished

Block Two - still needing hand embroidery and whip stitching around the stars

After working on machine-quilting for the past few weeks, I needed a little indulgence.  I just adore Anne Sutton's designs.  They are so cute that I could just eat them up.  And I'm still going to need A LOT more practice with the long-arm machine before I'm going to be the proficient machine quilter I want to be, so I needed to work on a "feel-good" project to get my spirits back up. And Henrietta Squirrel makes me smile!!

I have Blocks Three, Four, and Five basted, pinned, and ready to take along with me, whether it's at baseball practice, library with the boys, or at the playground.  Block Six should be ready by the 5th of the month and I can't wait to see what she has next!!  I'll post photos of them once they are ready.