Thursday, June 16, 2011

Some More Applique!

Summer seems to be the time of year that I do my applique.  It is great to take it along with me whenever there is a baseball game or practice.  But I usually take it with me when I sit at the back porch.

Here lately, I've been working on Henrietta Whiskers

Block One - Finished

Block Two - I am planning on changing the color of the star at the top right.  The floss I had gotten for the purple star, on the left, doesn't quite match, so I'll has to try another color.  There will also be a necklace of teeny red buttons around the bird's neck.

Block Three - A button still needs to be placed on the scarf that is on the squirrel's neck and there's another issue of the purple on the acorns.

Block Four - A necklace of teeny red buttons still needs to be added for the bottom bird.

Block Five - Another issue with the purple on the acorn.

Block Six were just introduced alittle over a week ago and I am also working on that one.  Hopefully, I'll have it to a point to show soon.  Once the blocks are entirely completed, I'll be piecing them together into rows.  I'll have two rows completed!!

I've been also working on the applique blocks from my Reminiscence quilt.  I'm about done with the first row and I'm curious on how good it will look with the pieced sashing I had just finished.

I feel pretty good for myself.  I feel as if I gotten a lot accomplished so far with the applique.  Just have to keep at it and finish all the blocks without being distracted by another new quilt!!  I know that will be difficult!


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  1. They all are very nicely stitched and looking great. Your fingers have been busy indeed.