Thursday, October 6, 2011

So Sorry for Delay

I was wanting to post another entry a lot sooner than this.  I had started a new medication and it is draining all my energy - leaving me with no motivation to get anything done.  It's hard to pick up some quilting when all I want to lay down. 

But I've been using the meds for a while now and I am becoming comfortable with the fatigue.  I just had adjust my daily routine - having to keep busy, start drinking coffee again, use exercise bike earlier in the day (well, maybe not)...

I have finally put the borders on my Henrietta Whiskers quilt.  I think it finished off really cute.  I still have to place some crow and star appliques to the borders and then I can call it a completed quilt-top.

In my exhaustion, I had made a few mistakes when I was putting it together.

I had cut the top and bottom rows a little too short...

I had to match the lines to help make it look seamless (I hope it worked).

I had done the same thing to the side borders...

I matched the print so it will look like it's one piece from a distance.

I'll have to remember: NO cutting when I'm tired!

While I was being lazy this last week, I did come up with some more ideas for future posts.  So I can only hope, more posts coming soon!

Jane  <3


  1. Meds can really throw us off, can't they. I hope you continue to feel better and things work out. That is an awesome quilt.