Thursday, December 1, 2011



Have you ever worked on a project and it didn't work out the way you wanted?  Putting a lot of work and creativity into it and having nothing to show for it?  At least not the initial result I was wanting...

Let me explain. 

I was working on project that was to be entered into a on-line contest.  The prizes were impressive, so I diligently picked fabrics that I thought would fit in perfectly into the official rules.  I tried to make my entry original, to attract the attention of the judges, so I spend a lot of my time (in between basketball practices and games, Cub Scout meetings...) on it.  It turned out very cute and I am proud with the finished product.  I had taken the photos and then tried to upload them into the website to officially enter them into the contest...

And that is where the trouble began.  It seemed at the last step of entering the contest, the screen just went blank.  Nothing.  I tried at different times of the day with the same result.  I was still trying to upload the photos right up to the deadline time.  Still nothing.  My photos never appeared in the photo gallery of the other entrants' projects.  

Now I have a project that I'm not sure what to do with.  Since I wasn't able to vie for the prizes that I was hoping to win, I just want to complain and moan about it!  I know that I have several quilts that I've never finished because it didn't turn out like the vision that I had in my head.  But this seems different.

I had emailed the website with the problem I had and I'm hoping (hope, hope, hope...) to still be able to enter.  That is the reason why I'm not going to show a photo of it.  I'll just tease you with this one. 

But once I know for sure that it is too late and they are unable to do anything for me, I may just have to have a giveaway.  Passing it on the you just might make it all better.

I'm going to keep my fingers crossed although I have a feeling that my heart will be broken in the end.  Once I know that the first round of judging has passed and I haven't recieved some resolution from the e-mail I sent them, I'll post some photos.  And perhaps you all can help me figure out what I should do with it!

Boo hoo hoo...whimper, whimper, whimper...

Jane   <3

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