Wednesday, November 3, 2010

As Autumn Fades Away...

The cold weather is slowly approaching us. The temperature is dropping and as my younger son puts it, "I hate wearing my big fat coat!"

The leaves, that were once on the trees, are now fallen to the ground. We now have half-naked trees.

Yet, I'm still wanting to make some autumn quilts. With all my UFOs, I'm going to have to put them on my wish list.
Jackie Robinson's "Tessellating Leaves" -
love how every leaf is the same shape and fit right next to one another
(from Keepsake Quilting catalog)
Susan Probst's "Haunted Hill" -
love the batiks used, just three different colors
(from the front cover of Keepsake Quilting catalog-Autumn 2007)
I don't know the name of this quilt.
It was shown in some information about the
Shipshewana Quilt Festival, advertising the
Little Helper's Quilt Shop -
love the color gradation of the leaves, they seen to shine!
I can only hope to get more of my quilts done, so that I won't feel so guilty to start one of these!

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