Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Surprise For Me!

Well, kinda! I had mentioned before that my beloved sis is a crocheter. I love to crochet but her skills have well surpassed mine. I love the projects she can create and I can't believe how quickly she can complete them. Now, that's what I call "an accomplished crocheter!"

And even though it isn't quite my birthday, just yet, she sent me an early birthday gift. She insisted that I open it ASAP because she wanted to make sure I'd be able to use it.

She had made me a hat and a scarf to help keep me warm and toasty this winter. The winters here in Indiana are less than predictable. Just this weekend, the temperature was warmer than usual (Sunday was 50 degrees!) and sunny... forecasted for tomorrow is rain which will be cold enough to change to frozen rain overnight. With the upcoming weather, I will be putting them to good use!

It looks as if she combined two yarns (a light cream color with a variegated colors of turquoise-green-blue-purple) to help create a thicker and fluffier result (she'll correct me if I'm wrong!)
And if you notice the cupcake, she had used both yarns individually. It was a perfect accompaniment to the hat and scarf. You could call it the"icing on the cake!" ha ha ha- I know, pretty dorky!!
She has just started her own blog at fadfabulouscrochet.blogspot.com. She has posted a few projects that she has done already and I'm looking forward to what she's planning to make in the future! Please, go on over and visit her!

Thank you so much Sis. Love you so much. You are the greatest!
...now what can I make for her that would top this?! ;p


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  1. What fun! I like your scarf...so warm, and I bet it comes in very handy right now...at least here, it is very cold!