Saturday, May 19, 2012

"Laters Baby!"

I guess I have been engulfed into this Fifty Shades of Grey book obsession that has been going around.  My friendly librarian has supplied the books for me and I have just started on book # 3.

I can understand the uproar this series of books are creating.  There are some parts of the book(s) that, I believe, would make some people uncomfortable.  I usually don't read books like this but I'm pretty sure that there are a lot of books out there that are a lot worse.  I am certainly not into the subject matter of this book, but it really didn't bother was VERY interesting, but I wasn't so repulsed that I thought it needed to be pulled off of library shelves.

Since reading has taken up much of my free time, I've accomplished little in my quilt making.  So sorry, no photos this time.  I been trying to catch up on the Just Takes 2 blocks and I'll post some photos once I have some finished.

Jane  <3

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