Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Sew In

During the Labor Day weekend, Seamed UP (click here--> seamedup.com), they had a Labor Day Sew In.  Since I don't have a twitter account, I couldn't officially participate.  I still felt the urge to take advantage of the three-day weekend.

I had worked on my Kaleidoscope quilt (I still need to have a catchy name for this one).  It will be completely hand pieced and I had pieced about two more rows.

Having to make new blocks, I had to draft more black triangles... lots and lots of triangles.

To give you an idea of how many triangles will be in this quilt, I'm planning 31 blocks across and 31 blocks down (making it a square quilt).  With 12 pieces in each block, that will make it about 11,500 triangles total!

I'm going to have to set this quilt aside for a little while.  My Cub Scout will be participating in his Pack's Raingutter Regatta next weekend.  He has selected the theme for his boat (his latest obsession) and we will have to decide the paint job.  Oh, the excitement!!!


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  1. Hi Jane...thank you for stopping by my little blog! Please feel free to use any of the images of my Angry Birds quilt! Your quilt blocks are beautiful - so intricate. I would love to tackle the Dear Jane quilt one day myself. I have invested in the Farmer's Wife Quilt book, but so far have only managed 4 blocks (in 9 months!!) need to get going on that! Dee x