Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rotary Cutter Virgin No More

When it comes to quiltmaking, I am old school.  I prefer to mark my fabric with a regular pencil and cut my pieces out with a pair of scissors.  I've used this process with all of my quilts.  And I enjoy making quilts this way.

If you look under my header, in "My Quilting Story," I've stated that I am a ROTARY CUTTER VIRGIN.  After this post, I will have to change that.

It was two days ago, in the quilt store, that I got to cut fabric for a customer!  I hope I didn't look as awkward as I was feeling.  And this morning, I got to cut my own fabric.  I'm planning on making some small, easy projects with the fabrics I had just entered into the website, to help promote some sales.

I will continue to use my trusty ol' scissors when I'm on this and other projects.

Next week, I'll reveal my new projects along with the introduction of the web store that I've been working on!!


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