Sunday, June 27, 2010

Book Bags - Done At Last

I promised my boys that I would make them each a book bag for their library books if we joined our library's Summer Reading Program this year. Well, the bags are finally finished! Three weeks into the program and two weeks left for my boys to use them. Better late than never!

This one is my younger son's book bag. He fell in love with the flannel dinosaur fabric. Pretty simple!

On the other hand, my older son's bag wasn't quite so easy. He wanted an "Avatar - The Last Airbender" (his favorite cartoon which has been made into a non-animated movie) book bag. He wanted the four emblems on his bag so I had to machine-applique each one (8 total - 4 one each side). Not a quick and easy job.
I haven't been able to get a lot done lately and I've been wondering why? I know that I have the boys home from school. My older son is in the middle of his baseball tournament. I'm trying to teach my younger son how to ride his bike. Watching movies at the theater. My days are filled with trying to keep the kids entertained. And reading the "Elm Creek Manor" books hasn't helped!
And then I realized that since they have been at home, I have lost my quiet nights. They used to have an earlier bedtime and that would leave me with a few hours all to myself. Now, they want to stay up late and by the time they're asleep, I'm exhausted. I'm thinking of becoming a morning person so that I can get some quilting done before the boys wake up! Is it possible to change yourself around like that?
In the next post, I'll show some detail on how I made the "Avatar - the Last Airbender" bag.
Be back soon,

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