Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's Summertime

It's not officially summer yet, according to the calendar, but both my monkeys are out of school for the summer. I look forward to the alarm-less mornings and late night sewing sessions but, Oh My Gosh, I've got two monkeys for the summer! Gotta think of activities to keep them busy.

I'm gonna get my little one to start reading so we're going to make frequent visits to the library. My older son loves to read but he finds better things during the summer, so I'm hoping he'll find a new, interesting book series to read there. The boys will help with my gardening. I've always loved growing things (though my thumb may not be always be green) but I have knee surgery scheduled for next month so I'm going to have them well trained by then! But we will still try to make a trip to the local theme/water park before then.

As I had mentioned before, I am a Quilt Geek. When visiting a quilt related event, I will be the one who is wearing the "quilt" lapel pins on my jacket or the vest that looks like a quilt. I had recently got a charming "quilt" necklace. It's something that I can wear to a quilt event or anywhere. It small enough to show that I'm a quilter but not too showy that you'll see me from across the room!

I am planning to start machine quilting the Dresden Plate quilt tonight. Hopefully, I'll be proud enough of the work done to be able to show photos of it in my next post.

Until then,


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  1. Hi Jane,

    Beautiful necklace - you truly are a quilt geek! ;)

    Happy Summer!