Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tote Bag Swap Arrival

I had a surprise from the post office today! I knew that it was coming, maybe later this week, or next week. It came sooner than I was expecting it. It was my tote bags from the Tote Bag Swap!

You may remember my tote bags from a previous post. I had made two because I was wanting to receive two back. And I always have a project or two (or three) to place in a tote bag.

And the tote bags I received in return:
The first is from Dawn Green. She had also enclosed an adorable card stating that she "was really drawn to the colors in this fabric and thought that it would make a great summer tote." And I agree! My "it" color this year has been the bright apple/lime green color. I just love it and she couldn't have done any better in the fabric selection. Thank you Dawn!
She had also included a matching pincushion. How cute!!

And then I noticed that her bag is reversible! Two bags in one!

The second tote bag is made as a grocery bag. I don't know who had made this tote, but she is right with me because I am wanting to make some totes to use at the grocery store. How did she know? Those plastic grocery bags seem to multiply at my house! She had also included instructions to make more of my own. And again, I don't have the name of the maker of this tote, but "thank you!"

The tote bag choices couldn't have been better picked for me. I just hope the people who received my tote bags will appreciate them as I have mine. I was wanting to place a hand drawn card with my logo on it so the recipients would know that the tote bags I had made were from me, but I had run out of time. I was one of the few who had asked for an extra day. It took me until the very last day and I didn't have time to make the little cards for them. Maybe for the next swap!

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  1. How nice!! I'd love to do a swap like this when I get better at my sewing. :)