Thursday, April 26, 2012

Book-based Quilts

I know that I shouldn't start on any more new quilts.  I've tried to keep it within my UFO's but sometimes a new idea just comes into my head.

I had recently had to make a trip to Indianapolis.  It was a long three hour drive.  I had asked my librarian if she could recommend an audio-book that I could listen to in the car.  She had pointed out a few Nicholas Spark novels.  She had said that she was the BIGGEST Nicholas Sparks fan.  He had wrote novels such as A Walk to Remember and Dear John that had been turned onto movies.  The Lucky One is currently playing at the theaters now.

I had chosen The Best of Me for my drive.  And I loved it!  I'm not ashamed to say that I was in tears by the time I had reached end of the novel.

After I had finished listening to all the cds, I had went back to get The Notebook.  I had watched the movie version so I knew that it had some tear-jerking moments.  To my surprise, the movie was slightly different from the original novel.  It was like I was listening to a new story line.

And as I had expected, tears had flowed.  I mean A LOT of tears!  To tell the truth, the tears would stop.  I have to admit that I really enjoy the literary works of Nicholas Sparks.

And a bonus - the story included a quilt.  It didn't possess a large part of the story, but I could visualize how it would have looked like.

I may never make this quilt.  If I'm lucky, there might be more novels that includes a quilt somewhere in the story (I can remember Bella having a quilt on her bed in Twilight).  I can fantasy what they may look like!

Jane  <3       

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