Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Some Sewing Accomplished

I am now finding myself sitting at a lot of practices.  Although I enjoy watching my son(s), I still feel that I have to be busy doing something.

That was the reason I had made so many hexagons.  It was something I could hand piece together and it goes fairly quickly.

I've gotten a few hexagon petals sewn together.  Once I get all of them sewn from this batch, I'll be choosing the centers for them.

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I've had this basket of fabric squares for years now.  Not really sure what project I had in mind when I first purchased them, but from time to time, I've tried different quilt ideas to work with them.  None of them never really stuck.

Today, I've come up with another idea.  I have seen this quilt pattern from Sue Garman and I love the intricate piecing and tiny pieces in her quilt.  I thought it would work well with the different prints that are in my fabric pile.

The quilt is mainly made up of small nine-patch and shoo-fly blocks.  But the tiny pieces used in the nine-patch are only 1/2 inch square!  That's about 3,200 tiny squares, and that's not including the fabric used in the background!

I can't wait to dig into the complexity of the quilt!!

Jane   <3

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