Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Extracurricular Sewing

It's that time again!  After making, what I feel like, good progress with my Kaleidoscope quilt, I am needing a break from it.  I still love the quilt and I will continue working on it, after a short break.  I'm planning on it being the next competition quilt.  I just need to have my fingers working on something different - but NOT another quilt.  I don't need to add to that pile!

So I made a bag!  I had used some fabric I had purchased a year ago.  I still hadn't made any plans for it so I thought a bag would be a great excuse to use up some of my stash.

This bag is from a magazine I had purchased a while back.

And here's my version:

I wanted to make a bag that I wanted when I'm carrying around my quilting/sewing project.  It's a small bag, just big enough to carry an applique block or two, a zippered pouch, and a sewing needle case.

You can forget your supplies: thread, scissors, pin caddy, seam ripper, and needle case.


And ta-da! The extra of this tote is that it is reversible!

The only problem:
I don't do pink.

After raising two boys, pink has pretty much been erased from my house.  If I'm not going to use it, I'm guessing that someone I know may be getting a handmade Christmas gift this year!

And now that it is the time of the year when young ones will be masquerading in their Halloween costumes, I'll soon be showing what my son had chosen to dress up as.


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