Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Reveal

Although Halloween is only 6 days away, I am having to finish up my son's costume today.  His school is having their "Halloween Walk" tomorrow morning.  The school faculty takes the students, in their costumes, into town to visit local businesses and receive candy.  He will have tons of candy for me to chose from after school.

Every year, I make my kids' costumes.  I'm hoping to create memories for my boys and I love the challenge of constructing a costume from scratch. 

This year, my son came up with a pretty cool idea.  With the help of a favorite movie and his love of animals, he wanted to be a zookeeper.

I think he was inspired by the movie "Zookeeper."  And with his love of tigers, he has expressed to me how he wanted to save them from extinction.  I believe he realizes that a career in zoology may be the route to take.

I had used two patterns to make the safari shirt and pants. 

I had added the epaulettes on the shoulders and pockets to the sleeves.  I had to opt out on the shorts due to the weather tomorrow.  It's gonna be chilly in the morning!

The costume is finished but it is no yet complete.  There will be more added to it.  You'll understand why when post another photo sometime tomorrow. 

And where's my older son's costume, you may ask?  Well, he may be a little too big to be trick-or-treating, but his basketball practices have replaced his free-time.  Darn it!


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