Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Gift from Mama

I would like to show you an unexpected gift from my mama.

A new sewing/embroidery machine!! 

It's a Babylock Ellure Plus!  I think I'll call her Ellie.

It was after Christmas and before my birthday, so what was the occasion, you may ask?  My parents are both retired and enjoy spending their time traveling around, in their camper, to prime fishing locations.  Last summer, my mama had an idea that she would embroider garments and sell them while they were at different campsites.  A fun way to make a little extra cash.  So she purchased a new embroidery machine.

But life interrupted her plans.  Her uncle had died from a stroke and she was responsible for the care of his surviving wife.  Taking over all their responsibilities has taken a lot of her free time.  No time to learn how to operate a new machine. 

I appreciate the wonderful gift she gave to me.  I has been a learning process for me to stitch a straight line.  Since my regular sewing machine is old school, the needle-threader, needle up/down positioner, and the automatic thread cutter are new to me. 

The LCD screen is a brand new technology that I was very intimidated by, but I am slowing learning how to maneuver around in it.
And to my surprise, it's an embroidery machine very similar to the ones sold at the store that I work at. So eventually, I'll be very familiar with the machine for when I will be selling them in the future!

With my work schedule, I really haven't had time to play around with it.  This week is my boys' spring break from school, so I'm staying home with them which has given me some free time to play!!  I've made a few small items with them and I'll have to show them soon.



  1. Congrats! What a cool machine. :)

  2. congrads. a new learning curve. enjoy it.