Friday, May 21, 2010

When It Rains...

I haven't been around but let me explain. Been very busy.

It was two weeks ago that my son brought home a paper stating that he had to complete a science project. Since this was his very first one, I knew that he was going to have to have some help with it. With baseball practices and/or games for both of my boys (seemed to be daily), we would have to do a little bit everyday.

During that first week, it was my father-in-law's 70th birthday. We had set up a surprise birthday visit from his daughter (who he doesn't see often) and I had made several batches of brownies, his favorite dessert (2 days of baking).

just one of the trays

Then, the dryer goes out. It will run, but no heat. Not wanting to go to the laundry mat, I have been going over to the father-in-law's house to do some laundry and I've been trying to do some at home. I'm able to use the washing machine and so purchased a folding wooden drying rack to air dry the clothes - which takes forever! So, the laundry has been a long on-going process.
The Science project was due on Monday (he got a perfect score, by the way!!!), so I thought that I could quickly finish the tote bags for the swap. I had a few days before the deadline. I had to put them on hold because of the science project. Yet, wouldn't you know, another obstacle. One of my good friend's mother had been sick for a very long time and passed away this Tuesday.

So, the last two days, I've tried diligently to finish the two tote bags for Brye. I did get them finished. I'm happy to say that they are now on their way to her house via the postal service.

Gosh, I hope things lay off for a while. This weekend is suppose to be beautiful and I hope to relax a little bit. The boys will be out of school in about a week (summer vacation) so I better take advantage of the last few days before they drive me bunkers daily here at home!

Gonna take it easy,



  1. Hi Jane,

    Sounds like you have been busy! Take a deep breath and rest a bit, okay?

    Those bags are darling.

  2. Hi Jane,

    Thanks for your encouraging words on the prospect of my book... ;) I just need a few free moments to organize my thoughts into print form for the publisher... wish me luck!