Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dreading Tomorrow

I'm not looking forward to the morning. We have to get up super early (not easy with two young boys) and get the hospital for my knee surgery. I know that's it's just arthroscopic surgery but I'm still nervous about it. I had my other knee done about five years ago and I should feel at ease since I know what to expect. But no. Not looking forward to the pain, not being able to do what I want (at least for a while)...I just wish I would recuperate a lot faster, to be back to normal again. Oh, whoa-is-me! : (

I did get my quilt and vest back from the county fair today. I'm planning to enter this same quilt into another county fair (later in the month) and curious of what the outcome will be there.

I'd better wrap things up. I've got to be hitting the hay early tonight.

Wish me luck!


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