Thursday, July 1, 2010

Got My Quilt Back

I received my quilt back from the Shipshewana Quilt Festival today. Glad to have it back! I don't like it when I have no idea of what is being done with it.

Unfortunately, it didn't receive any ribbons. But it was a juried show, so I feel privileged to have it appearing there, they had felt it was good enough to be chosen.

I do look forward to the judges' comments on my quilt. On the comment card, it states:


"Softly curved lines create flowing movements"

"Border frame/lady bugs"

"Quilting design"

"Hand quilting stitch"


"Long straight edges should be straight"

"Corners should be 90 degrees"

So, the comments weren't too bad, but that's what you get when you present your work to the Quilt Police. I'll probably take another look at the quilt with their recommendation in mind, but you know what? I made this quilt for me and I like it just the way it is! I had a quilt win Best of Show in one show and the same quilt didn't win any awards in another. It all depends on the judges and what they feel a winning quilt should represent. So, I have no hard feelings!

I will be entering this quilt into our county fair this weekend. It is a smaller venue, so maybe I'll have better luck. And a neighboring county is having their fair later this month. I plan to enter there also, but they are larger than our county, so the competition will be harder.

I'm really trying to get some quilting done, but if not, I'll post some of my favorite quilts that I see from the fair.


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  1. You are amazing, Jane - I have yet to get a quilt into a juried show!

    Though you didn't win any award, please know that your work is appreciated! :)