Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just Have Patience

The update on my knee? It's only been two weeks since the surgery and I already sick and tired of having to "baby" it. I'm ready for things to be back to normal and I guess I'm doing too much. For example, I went to the grocery store and about half way through shopping, I couldn't push the cart anymore - too much knee pain. Thankfully, I had my sons with me and they were able to continue pushing the cart for me and walked along with my crutches. I need to have some patience and let my knee heal and eventually all will be right again. Whaa, whaa, whaa!! Okay, I'll stop my whining!!

When I am sitting with my leg up with ice (like I'm suppose to), I have been able to do some more reading, the Elm Creek Quilt books, of course. I have finished book #5, The Quilter's Legacy. Since my family was unable to go away on a family vacation because of my knee, I decided to take a few days and visit my sister. She lives in north central Indiana and it is about a five hour drive from my house (Mommy, are we there yet?). To help pass the time for me, I listened to the audio version of the next book, The Master Quilter. So currently, I'm on book #7 but I had to jump ahead to The Lost Quilter, #13. It continues with the story which was told in The Runaway Quilt, about how quilts were used in the Underground Railroad. I had find it very fascinating and I couldn't help myself.

And I've been able to work on my Drunkard's path quilt.

I've been able to cut out the block pieces. I've already run out to the red fabric and will have to get some soon.

I've assembled more of the four-patch blocks...

and already have the quilting pattern drawn out.
Once the blocks are pieced, I'll start constructing the rows to get a real visualization of the quilt. I still got a long way to go!

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  1. Hope you will take it easy on your leg. Remember, the more you follow doctor's orders, the faster you'll be back to 100%!

    I'm about to finish listening to "Cross Country Quilters" but can't find The Runaway Quilt on cd. :( Will it make sense if I skip to The Quilters Legacy??