Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another Fair Visit

I had entered my quilt in to another county fair and, this time, the outcome has been a lot better!

My quilt had won a 1st place ribbon in the Applique category and a Champion ribbon in the Hand Quilted category.

I had also entered another one of my quilted vests and it also received a blue ribbon!

Here is another blue ribbon winner (Champion ribbon, also), by Sue Harrell, in the Quilt Novelty category. Do you remember this quilt at the other fair?

Another blue ribbon winner blue ribbon winner (plus Champion) by Susan Young. She won in the Quilts Machine category.

I loved how she quilted a number in each square. Very clever!

And some other quilts that caught my eye:

A whimsical applique quilt by Beth Ray, which won 2nd place in the Applique category.

I've always loved heart on quilts. This one, by Susan Young (again, very talented), received a 1st place ribbon in the Unlisted category. I think this a lady that I need to watch out for!

I didn't care for how the quilts were displayed because you could only get to look at a small portion of the quilt. But it was well done for the small amount of space that was allowed for the quilts. For example, this quilt, by Emmy Schmidt, which won a 2nd place ribbon on the Pieced category. It looked beautiful hung up high up on the wall, but I would have loved to see it unfolded just a little bit more. More of it needed to be seen.

From the Piecemakers, their quilt won 1st place in the Group category. A simple design but I tink I does a lot in bringing out the fabric. I'd think to make this one sometime.
And in different areas:

A button collage, by Milly Buell, which won 2nd place. It's all done with buttons. I just couldn't keep my eyes off of it!

Some zipper flowers, by (again) Milly Buell. Very creative, I'd love to see what goes on inside her head!

And this quilt was in an area where the articles were made by young people. This quilt was made my Kelsi Droste (she's in 7th grade) and she had won a 1st place ribbon and an Honorable Mention Ribbon. I think we have a future award-winning quiltmaker here! Well done!

And I think this was my favorite in the whole building. Believe it or not, it is a suit made from.... Duct Tape!!! It was made by Joe ???? (I'm so sorry but the photo that I took for his name was too fuzzy to read his last name) (and he's in 12th grade) and he won a blue ribbon for it.

I was told that he had worn it to his prom this year. And as you can see, his date also wore a duct tape dress! How adorable! I would be thrilled if my son would be creative enough to ask me to help him make a duct tape tuxedo for his prom!

Concerning my quilt, as you can plainly see, each venue can have a different outcome with different judges. You can't take it too seriously. But it's just for the fun of it, right? And now, time get back to quilting so that I may have another quilt for next year's competitions.

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