Sunday, August 1, 2010

Elm Creek Update

Currently, I'm at:

#1 : The Quilter's Apprentice
#2 : Round Robin
#3 : The Cross-Country Quilters
#4 : The Runaway Quilt
#5 : The Quilter's Legacy
#6 : The Master Quilter
#10: The Lost Quilter

So far, my favorite is "The Runaway Quilt." And close second is "The Lost Quilt." Without giving away too much, it is about how quilts were used in the Underground Railroad. I love the history that is used in these two stories. I find it fascinating, although there isn't any real, concrete evidence that quilts were used in helping slaves find their way up north to Canada. I would still love to make a quilt for my son, when he is studying about slavery and the Civil War at school, that would be a great example of a quilt that could have been used as a signal quilt.

If time permits, I'd like to make the quilt that was used in "The Runaway Quilt." And I have the perfect fabric to use with it. Some Civil War reproduction triangles that my friend, Suzanne, had gifted to me. Thank you, Suzanne, I think I found a perfect place for it!

And speaking of Elm Creek quilts, I would also love to make Sylvia's Bridal Sampler from "The Master Quilter." And you know me, I would look to make it just like the photo. It was made from Jennifer Chiaverini's (the author) first fabric line, Sylvia's Collection. Once I started searching for it online, I could only find two prints. Since it debuted in 2003 (?), it is already obsolete.

I have been working on my Drunkard's Path piecing. It has been going a lot slower than I want it to. Other duties, such as cooking, cleaning, laundry... it just takes a lot more time than it had before surgery. And by the time I'm done with the day, I'm wiped out and may only get a little bit of quilting done. Or I may elevate my knee with some ice and read some more. Ahhhhh, that doesn't sound to bad right about now!


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