Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Last Fair Entry Peeks

I may be all done with the competitions this year. I need to get to work on some quilts (I'm hoping two) ready for next year. The Grouseland Museum's Festival of Quilts, in Vincennes, Indiana, will be in October of this year. Perhaps, if I get really serious, maybe I'll have another finished by then. Yeh, right! I'm being very optimistic.

A close-up of my quilt with it's ribbons.

Close-up of the vest and it's blue ribbon.

Once I had brought them back home, I had noticed that the judges had attached comments cards to them. Both had very kind remarks:

Quilt : Beautiful! Great colors!

Vest : Very creative. Colors are great. Creative quilt stitches

Another reason I enjoy quilt competitions, I love seeing the reaction of my family. My two little boys proudly saying "Mommy won a blue ribbon!" And my dear hubby walking around with a big grin on his face. It's priceless!

Work has been accomplished! I have been piecing. I will have my sons help me lay the pieces on the floor so that I can see if it is working out like it should. Hope to have a photo soon.


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