Friday, August 6, 2010

Drunkard's Path Progress

As I had promised, I was really working on my quilt.

Working with white (or light fabric) can be very tricky. Once the pieces are sewn and the seam allowances pressed, you need to watch out for shadowing. Shadowing is when you are able to see the darker fabric through the lighter fabric.

To prevent it from happening, you should always press towords the darker fabric. But when that isn't impossible, you can trim a scant 1/8 inch, or less, off of the darker fabric. This will narrow the seam allowance and it will be hidden behind the lighter fabric once it is pressed.

A close-up of the marks for the quilting. Please excuse my pins and stabilizing stitches. I use these stitches to keep the seams from moving. I hate it once the quilt-top is ready to be quilted, when a seam allowance has flipped over. I had initally wanted to machine-quilt this. But I'm not ready to do all these curvy, feathery wreaths quite yet. I think I will have to hand-quilt it to achieve the vision that I have.


p.s. I hate calling it my "drunkard's" path quilt. I know that it's the blocks official name but I'm going to have to think of another name.

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  1. Oh my, that is beautiful! You are impressive - love those feathers!