Thursday, September 23, 2010

What's Going on??

Slowly but surely, my house is coming together. I've got rid of a lot of crap and it's looking so much better. I feel as if I can breathe again!! With my earlier knee pains, I surrounded myself with the items I needed: remotes, quilting items, magazines, phone... I had kept things within arm's reach so I wouldn't have to get up very often. Now that a lot of that pain has been reduced, I'm not needed to do that anymore.

Besides getting my house in order, I've been making some extra $$$ doing some clothing/garment alterations and mending for some people around town. And you know me, I still make time to work on a quilt.

I've been taking the kiddos to the local playground to play with some friends and I've taking my optical illusion quilt (still unnamed) with me.

I didn't know it if it would have the same optical effect on a large scale. I had taken this photo at about 10 feet away and it does kinda work. If you spot the safety pin (which is the center of the quilt) and move your eyes to the left, towards the edge of the quilt, do you notice how the center block seems to be the largest and the other get slightly smaller as they go out??

I can see it more clearly in this smaller version. Perhaps, once it's hang up at a quilt show and people are able to see it at a greater distance, it will be more obvious.

We are approaching the end of September, and what does that mean??!! Here at our house, it means *Halloween costumes*!! My little one is wanting to be Darth Vader this year. I cannot think of a way that I can make the helmet/mask of Darth Vader, so I may have to purchase his costume this year. I've convinced my older son to be Albert Einstein. I am planning to make a white lab coat for him and spray his messed up hair gray and add a gray mustache. I think he will look pretty convincing!

I'm getting pretty close to completing the optical illusion quilt. Can anybody help me think of a name? Hoping to have a photo soon and then to add it to the pile of other quilt tops. I've really had to get this machine-quilting thing going!!


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  1. Jane, did I tell you this is going to be a great quilt?! I can definately see the optical illusion on the bigger version, even without using the pin in the middle.

    For a name, maybe something like: bigger in the middle, or the straight quilt that's not, or bubbling center ...