Thursday, March 24, 2011


Boy, is it cold today! And I mean COLD!! When I woke up yesterday, the temperature outside was already at 70 degrees! Couldn't have asked for better! But when it was time to get up this morning, I found that it was a chilly 36 degrees. We had gone from beautiful May-like weather to February-like weather within 24 hours. What a shock!

Since I'm not going to find myself doing anything outdoors today, I think I'm going to start reading the next book in the "Elm Creek Quilts" series, The Union Quilters. Today will be a good day to curl up with a book.

I had just finished a baby quilt for my next-door neighbor's daughter. She will be having her baby girl on Tuesday (will be induced) so I called it really close in finishing it, time-wise. I can remember when the neighbors moved in and the daughter was still in elementary school. Where did all that time go?!

And again, the camera refused to work properly, so I wasn't able to get a photo of it. I made it with a minky/plush lime green fabric and edged with a pink binding. And with the same fabric from the binding, I had appliqued the baby's name on one of the corners in 3 inch letters. A simple yet personalized gift for the baby. I thought it turned out really cute and I hope she and her new baby will enjoy it.

Gonna have to keep warm today!


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  1. Although I had The Aloha Quilt since it was first published, I didn't get it read right away, so I'm reading it now, and The Union Quilters is next. Can't seem to find time to do everything that I want to do but I'll get them both read asap. Looking forward to both.