Friday, March 25, 2011

Camera Working?

Not sure if the camera is fixed yet. I had purchased a brand new (very expensive) battery for my camera. Once it was charged, I placed into my camera and I was able to turn it on : )! I was able to take a few photos : ) and suddenly turns itself off again : (.

For the time being, it still refuses to turn back on when I needing a photo, even with the new battery.

But I was able to take a quick photo of the baby blanket before we took the gift over to the new mommy-to-be.

Then I realized that the new computer, that my dear husband gave to me for my birthday, had a few upgrades that the older computer didn't. One being that I do not need to use my camera when downloading photos from my memory stick. He's so clever! Gotta love him!!
By using one of those upgrades, I'm able to bring this photo. It's the optical illusion quilt that I had mentioned about in the post from a few days ago. The top is finished. I need to mark the top for quilting- planning to machine-quilt. The backing fabric has been purchased and is patiently waiting its turn to join the top.
I have another quilt close to completion and I hope to be able to bring some photos of it...if the camera feels like working for me. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


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  1. This quilt is just so awesome!!! I love to see it...wonderful!