Friday, May 6, 2011

Baseball Geek Learns Something New!

Tomorrow is our town's Opening Day for Youth Baseball.  Our schedules will be busy with our boys' baseball practices and games. 

I had made a baseball themed vest last year but I never finished it.  I wanted to wear it tomorrow to their games but I hadn't put the buttons and buttonholes on it.  And I HATE putting in buttonholes!!
Buttonholes are very simple to do.  But if you shift the fabric a little, you can make a horrible mess on a very simple project.  And then it's the horrible chore of ripping it all out and trying it again!

So I decided this morning to finally put the buttonholes in. I just happened to pull out my owner's manual and looked up the directions for placing buttonholes.  I pulled out a few attachments I hadn't seen in a long time.

I located my buttonhole foot with its automatic buttonhole attachments.  It was so easy to use, a no-brainer.  Just pick your size and press down on your control pedal.  But I wasn't satisfied with the finished look.

Then I located the sliding buttonhole foot so that I can manually put in the buttonhole.  The foot helps you to make sure the stitches remain straight.

The finished buttonholes!!

For all the years I've been sewing, I've never have used the buttonhole feet and its attachments. They make them SO much easier and faster!  I have no excuses for unfinished projects due to those buttonholes.

So this is how I'll look tomorrow.  I'm so proud of them.  Each son has his own side.  I have to show off my babies, gotta to embarrass them some how!!


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