Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hand-quilter learns Machine-quilting

I have three quilt tops finished.  I also have two more tops on the verge of completion.  Even though they are not completely finished, 5 quilt tops are a great accomplishment for me.

And now to the next step in the quilt journey:  QUILTING!

I am a hand-quilter.  I am pretty confident with my hand-quilting.  I may not have the most perfect stitches, but I'm satisfied with them.  But it takes such a long time to hand-quilt a quilt.  I tend to use more complicated quilting designs and trying to fit it into my sons' schedules, it can be impossible to hand-quilt in a short amount of time.

I've had the hardest time machine-quilting on my home sewing machine so I'm attempting to quilt on a long-arm machine. 

I'm working on a Tin Lizzie 18!!

At one of my local quilt shops, SewTech in Evansville, Indiana, had brought in some new quilting machines into their inventory.  And it was good luck for me that Lisa and Terri, the sweet ladies at SewTech, are allowing customers to rent time on their Tin Lizzies.

This my view at the driver's seat!!

It'll be a long learning process and I've only one day under my belt.  I am astonished on how some long-arm quilters can accomplish such beautiful work.  And they can work they machine so easily and freely as if it is an extension of the own hands.  I've got a way to go before I'm at that point.

Although the machine glides over the fabric, it seemed to run away from me occasionally.  I need to get a better feel for the machine and get my self better positioned beside it.  I was having a hard time standing along side of the machine, with my back and legs were giving me a bit of a problem.  I've got to love the lovely ladies at the shop because they are ready and willing to help me in my learning process. 

I think the quilt I brought in to quilt was a little complicated for my first time at the machine.  I didn't much done but I'm coming back next time with another quilt that will have a simpler quilting pattern.  I'm hoping to be better at ease with the second quilt.

I have to admit, it was a little frustrating at times.  This is not going to be quick learning process and I've got to give myself a break and allow myself to make a few mistakes.  But I've made myself a promise to not give up.  I'm going to learn how to machine-quilt- one way or another!!


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