Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another Bunny Hill Quilt

The postman had delivered another gift. Another to make me smile.

It's another Bunnyhill quilt. I have always loved Baltimore quilts and I hope to make one some day, but the whimsical bunnies make this quilt look so much fun. The designer, Anne Sutton, has a very charming, unique look to her quilts that I have fallen in love with. Just like with my Yoyoville quilt, which Anne Sutton had also designed.

I just love the bunnies.

I would love to just dive into this new quilt (being so close to Easter), but I will have to hold back. I will have to play some more "catch-up" with my older quilts. But it is surely something to look forward to!

F.Y.I.: I had decided to post two enteries today. I have upgraded my blog using the Blogger in draft and it's been a bit fustrating. I have been having difficulties in downloading photos. I had been working on the prior yoyo post for a few days due to all of the photos. Sheesh, it just wouldn't go smoothly. The quilt pattern had actually arrived two days ago, so this post is already a day late!

Gotta get back to quilting...


1 comment:

  1. Hi Jane,

    That quilt is definitely on my list of quilts to make.... all I need is some extra time! :)