Thursday, April 29, 2010

Do I Really Do This?!

First, I wanted to add a photo of some blossoms from my lilac bush outside. I love lilacs and I thinks it goes back from when I was little. When I was young, we had a neighbor who had the largest yard on the block, where all of us little kids would play. And in her yard was a lilac bush. I remember the sweet fragrance of the cluster of flowers. But I also remember the flowers being a lot larger. Perhaps, it's because I was a lot smaller in size that the flowers just seemed larger back then!

In the last post, I had explained how I solve my problems of keeping a consistent quarter of an inch seam allowance. I just wanted to prove that I use this method with all my quilts. Here are some examples:

Yoyoville still in progress. Notice the blue water-soluble pen marking on the back of the white fabric and pencil mark on the colored fabric.

Drunkard's Path pieces. This is still in the process of being drawn. If you click the above photo, you will be able the see the lines more in detail.
Again, I know that it can be a longer process to draw out each piece. It would explain why I cannot complete a quilt quickly. But for me,this extra step eliminates the time consuming process of ripping out seams when the size of the block isn't correct. And I think it's worth that extra time. But anyways, I do enjoy it, but I may be weird that way!
As for now, it is getting late. I'm working on some projects in the morning and I hoping to have some photos to post.
Until then,

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