Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Signs of Spring

I love this time of year- the beginning of Spring. The frigid temperatures of winter has passed and I look forward to fresh air and warm sunshine.

The leaves on the maple trees outside are emerging.

The little flowers that appear in the grass are back.

I even enjoy seeing the dandelions (my husband disagrees)!

Except for the fact that Spring always seems to pass by too quickly. Next thing I know, the typical humid "Indian summers" of Indiana have returned within a blink of an eye.

I had received the package of eggs from the Sew~Stitch~Create Egg Swap. It was delightful to see what the other quilter/crafters had made. My kids enjoyed them as much as I did.

Quilt-wise... it is usually this time of year that I'm bursting to start something new again. Case in point, all the floral prints that I see in Baltimore type quilts are calling me, "make me, please, make me!". I feel that I'm in a "Baltimore Album" state of mind currently.

In the Reminiscence quilt, I'm planning on using Nancy Halvorsen's fabrics. I have made (or still in the process of!) a couple of quilts using her fabrics already. I will be taking the pattern with me to the quilt shop to pick the colors to match myself.

The fabrics for the Baltimore Bunnies are going to be harder to find. I'm wanting to make this quilt as close to the original as possible. The fabric lines are a little bit older, and it's just going to take a little bit longer.

I'm pretty content for now. Looking forward in getting my inspiring projects underway!

More to come later,


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