Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I just had to place a post about my busy day yesterday.  Being Valentine's Day, I wanted  to make some treats for my younger son's party at school.  And regretfully, my older son is no romantic (but I shouldn't expect too much from a young teenager).  I had to make his gift for his girlfriend.

I was asked to make brownies for the school's party, so I decided that they had to be heart-shaped brownies.

We had some snow this morning so getting to school was a little rushed.  I had to take the photo from the car!

My older son couldn't  give an idea of what he wanted to give his girlfriend for Valentine's Day.  They hadn't been together for very long and I don't think he should spending big $$$ for roses.  So I had an idea that combined both candy and flowers...Hershey's Kiss rose buds.

I made a dozen.

Placed in white gift box and tied with a big red bow.

Although he was unable to help me make a few (because of basketball practice and homework), I hope she's a girl that appreciates a handmade gift.

The things we do for our babies!

And I had a few fabric roses from last year's Valentine's Day.  My younger son had picked on to give to his teacher today.

I've gotten some more progress on the hexagon quilt.  I'll be posting those photos soon.

Jane  <3

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  1. Hi Jane, what a cute idea for your son's girlfriend. She better appreciate it! You're such a good Mom! :) The roses look really pretty.