Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hexie Hand-work

Although I love many different aspects of quiltmaking, I believe my whole heart is into hand-work, particularly hand-piecing and hand-applique.  I think it goes back when I was a young girl and I wasn't allowed to use my mother's sewing machine.  If I wanted to sew anything, I had to do it by hand.

I have really enjoyed making my hexagons.  I love the tedious work in marking the lines, to folding the seams, and sewing the hexagons together.

I had made two hexagon flowers each of the Nancy Halvorsen's fabrics (William's Inn).  I hadn't much left because I had used it in two other quilts.

This weekend, my son basketball games were in the same city as one of my favorite quilt stores.  How lucky was that!  He had some time between games, so I had to make a visit.  They have a HUGE assortment of Nancy Halvorsen fabric, so I was in heaven.  Unfortunately, I couldn't stay very long.  I couldn't have my son late for warm-ups.

I only got a few fabrics so I'm looking forward to going back when I have more time to shop!

Another part of this quilts will use hexagons with hand embroidered flowers.

More hand-work!!

Now, I'm needing to mark the new fabrics so I can prepare the hexagons.  I'm hoping to have a photo tutorial on how I make my hexagons because I'm not sure if many people do it the way I do.

Be back soon!

Jane  <3

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