Monday, April 11, 2011

Do I Really Need Another Quilt Project?

I had just finished "The Union Quilters." And as if any of Jennifer Chiaverini's slavery/civil war books, I loved it!!  There were many times where I found myself crying while reading- glad I wasn't reading out in public!  For those of you who are familiar to the story-line: I'm still looking forward for the time when Gerda and Charlotte have it out and tell each other how having Jonathan's love (of both women) had affected them personally.

Jennifer Chiaverini had printed 12 quilt blocks on the inside cover of this book.  She had done the same with several of her books.  Are these blocks from the Loyal Union Sampler quilt? I think it was on Facebook that Jennifer was asked about a pattern book with this quilt and she said that she was hoping to publish one.

So, before I return the book back to the library, I'm going to draft them out in my computer and have them saved for a future project.  With so many quilts ahead of it , I don't know if I'll ever really get to make it.  And this year is the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.  It would be a great occasion to finish the Runaway quilt that I have started!

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I had some bad news from the camera doctor.  The camera can be fixed but the price would be equivalent to buying another new camera.  BUMMER!  But there is always something bigger and better out there, they are constantly upgrading!  So, I will be getting another new camera soon.  Not just for this blog (hate posting without photos!), but I've missed out on tons of photos of my babies!

It's another rainy day and I'm planning to spend the day inside and get some work accomplished!


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