Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Frustration at the Machine

I now have two quilts ready for quilting.  I have another that still needs to be matched up with its batting and backing, another with the borders still needing placement.  I'm feeling good to know that I'm making some progress! 

So, two days ago, I felt the urge to try some machine-quilting.  I practiced before I initially started.  Didn't feel quite confident with it, but I realize that it will take time. Practice, practice, practice...

Ughhh!!  On the second day, I'm still not getting it.  I think that I'm expecting too much, it's not going to look like it's professionally done.  But my stitches look like chicken scratches.  I've ripped out some many stitches that I'm getting sick of it.

I can hand-piece and machine-piece.  I can also hand-applique and machine-applique.  I've even used curved- and Y-seams with no problems.  I can miter corners, make my own bias tape for the binding, and then attach it to the quilt.  I can make a quilt, from start to finish, pretty confidently.  But I just can't seem to get the groove of machine-quilting!!

-Breathe, in... out... in... out...-

Hand-quilting is an option, but it takes so much time.  All of my other quilts have been finished with hand-quilting, but I won't feel like a well-rounded quilter unless I can accomplish machine-quilting!!

-Count to ten, 1, 2, 3, 4...-

So on day number three, I'm planning to calmly fold the quilt back up and set it aside for a later day.  No machine-quilting today.  I'm going place the border, and I'd like to add that it will have a scalloped edge : ), on that last quilt... and feel good about myself again!

Thank you for letting me rant.



  1. Kudos to you for attempting machine piecing on a domestic machine which sounds so much more difficult than on a longarm. I haven't tried it other than on very very small projects, it's like writing by moving a paper under a pen. I have a blog friend who teaches it and if you don't already read her blog, you should contact her, she is full of information. Her name is Teri and her blog is Terificreations Weblog and she is on my blog's link list for blogs that I read. I feel confident she would answer any questions you have and be of help, if you wanted to contact her. Best wishes as you pursue your quilting!

  2. I meant to write "machine quilting" and not piecing which is what I wrote. Sorry for the error.